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Need a Server but don’t want to buy one?  If so then a hosted plan is for you. We host our servers in VirtualBox from Oracle.  For Hippa compliant servers each one is on its own Vlan.  A Vlan is a dedicated subnet isolated with hardware.  For non-hippa compliant servers they are all on the same Lan and isolated with software.  Your server is always available and is accessed with RDP.  It’s a double click of an icon on your desktop.  We provide Server 2008R2,  Server2012, and Linux Servers.  We can also host Windows 7, and Windows 8 if you would like a virtual desktop.

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HIPAA Compliant Servers:

Server2008 R2 *
2G of Ram **
Dynamic disk expandable to 250G


Disk storage:  $25/month per 50G
increment to a maximum of 1TB.

Ram: $25/month per 1G

SQL server: add $25/month

Non-compliant Servers

Server2008 R2 *
1G of Ram **
Dynamic disk expandable to 250G

Addons are the same as compliant servers

Windows 7/8 or Linux
1G of Ram **
Dynamic disk expandable to 250G

* By default we use SBS essentials for servers and Win7 pro for workstations.  Other versions are available

** The amount of ram is a bit deceiving.  Your server is hosted in VirtualBox from Oracle.  Most of the heavy lifting is
    actually done by the host server.  The result is that performance is much better than the amount of memory implies.
    Our experience is that you can expect to get the human real world performance of ~ 2X the ram dediacted to the