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There are several technical points that need to be addressed in answering that question.

First, what do you do for backup, if you have a fire what happens to my data?  Second, can someone break into my data?  And finally, what about if I use Wi-Fi when transferring my data to your server farm?

What do you do for backup?

This is the very heart of our company. We can’t lose one single bit, not one!  Our main server farm is located in Wimberley, TX with a redundant farm located in Blanco, TX.

The server cluster in Wimberley has a general purpose SAN ( Storage area network-details ) as well as smaller SAN’s for dedicated use. This “cluster of disks” is configured as RAID10 - the ultimate in redundancy.  We can actually lose up to 40% of the disks in the array and not lose any data.

The real key is in having redundant locations. There is an “always on” router to router VPN between Blanco and Wimberley.  Much like the client you use to upload data to us.  We are constantly uploading data from Wimberley to Blanco. The data is therefore the same in two different locations

In addition to that a complete image copy is made of the repository every afternoon and stored on spanned USB drives.  Each of these spanned volumes is swapped between Blanco and Wimberley weekly.  Everything is on battery backup of course.  We know where every single bit is!

Can someone break into my data?

The biggest risk to your data is while it's on your network.  We are behind a hardware firewall. The repository is on a different subnet than anything else in either networks (Blanco and Wimberley).  Besides the front end firewall the server cluster is hardened to the tightest Microsoft specifications.  X windows is disabled so breaking in is an order of magnitude more difficult.  We have real time monitoring software running on the server cluster and an immediate alert will be sent to three different locations if (not happened) an event is raised.

In addition, if you use encryption, your data is as safe as the encryption code you used when setting up the client.  Encryption is 128bit AES, which to date has not been broken. Even if someone was to get hold of one of your files, the data is unreadable without the encryption key. We are looking into 256bit AES but it’s not yet ready for prime time.  We strongly encourage the use of encryption.

What about if I use Wi-Fi when transferring my data to you server farm?

We use HTTPS, to transfer data across the network which uses industry standard SSL encryption. This occurs before the data leaves your server/workstation.