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        3 computers
       250G of storage




        15 computers
       500G of storage




       100 computers
       2TB of storage



Secure your data for 15₵ a day

 Safe  ~  Secure  ~  Fast  ~  Affordable

 Best value remote backup service you can find

You can start protecting your most valuable data immediately at no cost or risk! You can fully evaluate Central Texas Backup, we do not limit the functionality of our software during the free trial period.  We do not require any credit card information; you will simply be notified by e-mail when the trial is about to expire.

Your data is your most valuable asset.  Let Central Texas Backup show you the easiest and most secure way to protect your important files from data loss.

The overwhelming percentage of users do not have a decent backup strategy.  In the event of a flood or fire most small business would be weeks (longer?) restoring their business IT infrastructure.  While it's not a bad idea to simply back your precious files up to an external hard drive an online backup service offers a the ultimate in security.  Your data is safe even in the event of natural disaster!  Central Texas Cloud Backup is simply the best.